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Statistics of Deaths due to coronary Diseases world wide

USA - 680/Day


1 in 3 Deaths due to heart attack

35% deaths in India due to Heart Disease

Who should do it ?

Individuals with family history of heart attack

Individuals involved in sports, fitness workout, marathons, etc

People with Diabeties and high blood pressure

People with abnormal lipid profile / cholestrol

Individuals having abnormal Stress test

Follow up of Patient with Coronary stents and Bypass surgery

All types of scanning of whole body are performed here.


CT Guided Procedures

Coronary Angiography

Blood Supplying Heart Muscles.

Renal Angiography

Blood Supplying Kidneys.

Pulmonary Angiography with Perfusion Scan

Blood Supplying Lungs.

One Limb Angiography

Blood Supplying Upper & Lower Limb.

Cerebral & 4 Vessel Angiography

Blood Supplying BRAIN.

Whole Body CT (Non-Contrast)

Complete information about whole body except angiography.

KUB + Renal Stone Morphology

Study for various types of kidney stones.

Pulmonary Angiography

Blood Supplying Lungs.

Abdominal Angiography

Blood Circulation of Abdominal Organs.